International Pillow Fight – Dundee

Giant pillow fight – sounds great! I always wanted to take part in such event, but maybe I just didn’t realise that. You shouldn’t fight with pillows at home, because you can always break something. So event like this is a great opportunity. But it’s an April Fools’ Day today, isn’t it?

Po polsku:
Wielka bitwa na poduszki!

Hoping that it’s not a joke we decided with my friend Hana to take part in this event (fb event link). On Thursday morning we even went for a small pillow shopping to prepare for today’s fight.


We came to Dudhope Park only a bit late. 😉 The fight was just about to start. At the beginning it was just 15 people or so. But then more and more people started to come with their pillows. At the end we gathered a group of 40 people!

click on the photo to enlarge

We had to have breaks, because running with a pillow may be really tiring. And it could be hard to fight for the whole hour non-stop. So we sat down on our pillows on the grass and enjoyed the sun.

It started raining just as the fight started. But the organiser said, that’s just a Scottish weather and it’ll be sunny in few minutes again. And indeed, our clothes were dry before the end of the fight.


This weekend was second in the row when there was so much sun and so warm! It doesn’t happen often in Scotland, does it? 😉 So you have to make most of it whenever it’s possible. And the International Pillow Fight (which was in Dundee for the first time!) was a good reason to go out today!

Thank you people for signing my pillow and for having fun today! 🙂


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