National animal? Unicorn!

Thank God for Facebook. That’s where I got to know about Scottish National Unicorn day on 9th of April, 2017. It’s not an official festival and the date is not set. Nevertheless, it’s broadly commented on social media today.

Po polsku:
Narodowe zwierzę? Jednorożec!

There is a website where you can find what day is it. It shows some unusual days, as National Pizza Day, National Beer Day, National Umbrella Day or National Siblings Day. The website sets the festival date based on the social media references to the topic. So some festivals can happen even twice a year depending on people’s tweets.

Tourist Organisation VisitScotland encourages people to celebrate National Unicorn Day. 🙂

So how can we make this day special? According to there are many possibilities, such as rainbow make-up, dying your hair, baking cupcakes and macarons with pink filling or using a unicorn candle.

In Dundee, where I currently live, you can find some unicorn accents as well. There you can see HM Fregate Unicorn.It was built in 1824. It was a part of Britain’s strategic deterrent. Unicorn is considered to be the best preserved of all the World’s historic ships of that time.


road sign in Dundee

When visiting Edinburgh castle I saw numerous drawings and sculptures of unicorns.


Unicorns are often presented as heraldic supporters for Scottish coat of arms. But why are they often depicted with chains wrapped around their necks? Following the author of these chains should show the power of Scottish kings, as they were able to tame even the mystical creature.


Union of Scotland and England is sometimes presented as unicorn and lion (symbolic animal of England).


For the flag and other Scottish symbols – check my other post: Szkocka flaga i trochę historii (try google „Translate to English” function).

But why the unicorn? Because it’s a national animal of Scotland!

Unicorn is a mystical creature, which symbolises Innocence, Purity, Boldness, Pride, Healing Powers, Joy, Intelligence, Virility, Nurturing Powers (

It appears in Scottish heraldic since 12th century. The unicorn was used as a Scottish coat of arms by William I. In years 1466-1488, during the reign of King James III, the gold coins were introduced with a unicorn on one side.

As a symbol of Scottish-English union, the Royal Coat of Arms contains both the unicorn (symbolising harmony) and lion (representing might). It is even more potent, because these two animals had been usually shown as enemies (

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