Easter in Poland

Easter is in Poland both religious and family festival. All family gathers at the table full of special delicious dishes and celebrates together. It can be either the closest family, or grandpas, all aunts, auncles and cousins.

Easter breakfast

The most important is Easter breakfast. It can begin with a short pryer, reading from the Gospel about the Resurrection of Jesus, sharing with the egg blessed on Saturday, wishing everything best to all family members, depending on family tradition.

The first dish is always barszcz biały (white borscht) or żurek (soup from fermented rye flour) eaten with egg, horse-raddish and sausage. This is a very traditional soup. It has to be prepared a bit earlier.

Kwas (pronounced kvas) is a sour starter (similar to a sourdough starter) made by fermenting rye bread, a technique which is popular in many Slavic countries. In Poland you will find another soup, very similar to Bialy Barszcz, called Zur or Zurek. The only difference is that Zurek uses the Kwas rye sour starter, while the Bialy Barszcz uses a wheat starter.

Read more at Curious Cuisiniere: Polish White Borscht (Bialy Barszcz) https://www.curiouscuisiniere.com/polish-white-borscht/

Other Easter breakfast dish include stuffed eggs, variety of ham and sausages, as well as different salads, among which the most popular is the vegetable one.


My Easter breakfast table 2017

But it’s not only the breakfast in the morning. We spend nearly all Sunday and Monday at the table eating both this dishes and cakes.

Easter cakes

The most popular Easter cake is mazurek. It should consist of few layers of marmalade and be decorated with icing or chocolate. People used to make this kind of cake at home, but more and more people tend to order it in some cake shops nowadeys.

Many people bake babka piaskowa (kind of british pound cake). It is quite easy to make, but you need a special mould. It can be double-colour if you add cocoa to half of the dough.

Sernik (cheesecake) is very popular in Poland. It is often made not only for Easter and Christmas, but also for every day evenings. There are many different recipes, but I think that every Polish has his/her own favourite one. In some sernik you can sometimes find rasins as well.


my dad’s cheesecake

Sękacz (tree cake; literally branchy) is a typisal Polish-Lithuanian cake. It is cooked on a rotating spit in an oven or over an open fire (read more). It has a very secial shape. Sękacz is one of my favourite Easter cakes.

After eating so many delicious things I’ll have to go for a looong walk. If I can move at all… 😀

About Polish before-Easter tradition you can read here: 

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