Cycling to St Andrews

Sunday was very sunny. At 10 am it was so warm, that I decided to go for a bike ride. After breakfast I wanted to cross the bridge by bike, as many people suggested me to do so.

I got to the other side of the river in like 20 minutes. It was too quickly. So I decided to go somewhere further.

After a while I got to a town called Tayport. There is a nice port there, as the name suggests. There is a nice view for Dundee and Broughty Ferry as well.

W went more east and I got to Tentsmiur Forest. It is a huge area covered with lots of trees and narrow roads. I got lost a bit, so I had to check the way out of the forest on

Finally, I found a way out and after few miles I got to Leuchars. It is a small town at the river Eden. I was going on the main rod when I saw a sign for “Eden Mill. Beer. Whisky. Gin.”. I went inside and looked around. The trip around the distillery and brewery was just about to start. It was very interesting to hear about the history of Eden Mill, the process of beer an whisky production. Beer and whisky tasting was included in the price of the ticket. Big plus, drivers could have their drinks for take-away. 🙂

After the trip I checked the easiest way to get to St Andrews. With no idea what to visit, I got to that town.

First I went to visit Cathedral of St Andrews (also St Andrews Cathedral). It was built in 1158 and dedicated in 1318. It became the center of medieval catholic church of Scotland. The church started to ruin from the Scottish reformation. It was probably 391 feet high and was considered as the largest church of Scotland.

Then I went to St Andrews castle. The stone castle was build around the year 1200 by Roger de Baumont. During the Wars of Scottish Independence it was destroyed and rebuilt few times. The building was in use until around 1689.

Then I went down to the beach. There I had a short break for some snacks. 🙂

I walked a bit in the city centre but it became a bit late and I decided to come back to Dundee.

Before I crossed the bridge for the second time, I decided to go to Newport-on-Tay just for a while. There I had a croissant on the coast. I sat on the rock and enjoyed the view. I took a lot of selfie as well. 😀

The sunset was really beautiful on Sunday. It was a perfect ending for such a nice day.

I travelled nearly 40 miles by bike. It took me about 8 hours (including breaks). It was a lovely sunny day!




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