Time to say goodbye

It’s been quite a long time since I left Scotland. I needed to get used to my Polish life again. Finally, it’s time for some small sum-up and a few statistics.


I’ve spent in Scotland 5 months, 143 full days, which was 3427 hours in total and gives a great amount of 208,345 minutes.


I travelled a lot during my 5 months of Erasmus. Four plain flights on the way Wroclaw-Glasgow – 5964 km, which is 3706 miles. By train I travelled 334 km (208 miles), but they are much more expensive than in Poland and I don’t have 51% discount as student (in Poland it is like this). By bus I did nearly twice as much – 620 km and 385 miles. On foot I walked mostly in Dundee (including my way to uni and back) and in total I did more than by train! – 378 km (235 miles). By bike I visited not only Dundee, but also Broughty Ferry, Arbroath and St Andrews. It was more than half thousand kilometres – 506 km and 314 miles. The most on land I travelled by car, on my two road trips I did 1505 km, which is equal to 935 miles.

So around Scotland I did at least 3 343 km and 2077 miles! Great!

I found some great travelling quotes from Erasmus Student Network on facebook. Choose your favourite!


I’ve met so many amazing people! I was so worried before going abroad alone, but they made my stay in Dundee the best time of my life. And the road trips we went on together were a great way to discover Scotland, our host country for the few months. I was so sad that I had to come back earlier and so jealous that they could stay in Dundee longer than me. But I hope we’ll meet soon. And I want to thank them all again, as I wrote in my fb post: facebook.com


Now a bit personal part. This Erasmus taught me a lot. It was my first completely independent living and it was new to both me and my family. I had to find a new flat, survive with limited amount of money, find new friends and deal with all the Abertay university and Erasmus documents. Luckily, I met very helpful Scottish people form my first minute in Scotland. What is more I found new friends (thank God for Facebook groups for international students at host universities) with whom I spend lots of my free time.


All the Erasmus Experience changed my point of view a lot. Poland is a very catholic and mono-religious country. Seeing all the religions living one next to each other was a very surprising experience. What is more, Scotland is a very tolerant country, no matter what is your hair colour, skin colour or your appearance or beliefs, you’ll be welcome as an equal person. I really appreciate that. But Polish people are hospitable as well! 🙂

 A big challenge for me was to take all the necessary things with me in only 10 kg + 20 kg luggage. I tried few techniques and rolling all the things in the suitcase works best! Ok, I got to my new flat somehow. But coming back was much more difficult. Not only because of leaving my friends, but also because my 20 kg luggage was 7 kg overweight. And I still left a lot of things in my flat.



Before coming to Scotland I’ve been learning English for 17 years, from the age of 5. Nevertheless, I was afraid if I’m able to communicate without any problems. Learning language as a native or at school are two completely different things. At school you have language divided into separate nouns, verbs, adjectives, tenses. And even learning all the rules, that natives have no idea of, we can never be as good as them.


At the beginning I was translating every sentence in my head in both directions. And my English accent was very ‚Polish’. There were a lot of international students making the same mistakes at me. Finally, I started using language to communicate, to express what I mean, not thinking if it’s completely, grammatically correct. 😉


And my accent is now much better. But still not as Scottish as I’d like to be. I really like accent, but fore some people it may sound a bit funny. Maybe because it’s much different from what we had at school. After coming back home I spent full weekend watching Scottish youtubers and videos about Scotland:


Great fb page about Erasmus people and for Erasmus people. If you consider being a part of the Erasmus community all around the world you have to check this out!

Another page worth seeing is Erasmus Student Network which connects all the Erasmus Students all around the world!

You can find a lot of great videos about people’s Erasmus experience, but this one caught one eye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTylTXB-Dm4 Harry Potter on Erasmus! 🙂

(background photo: https://www.facebook.com/Im-sorry-Im-an-Erasmus-36828139469/)



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