Back to Scotland! At least for a weekend. :D

After my holidays I started missing Scotland so much, that I decided to visit Edinburgh -my favourite Scottish city – one more time. And my sister insisted on going there with me. Fortunately, Ryanair started flying from my hometown (Wrocław) to Edinburgh. So we had a nice opportunity to go directly to Edi. We booked the tickets and… went for a short trip!

The beginning of November is always a longer weekend in Poland. So this is a perfect time for a sisters-trip. On November 2nd we arrived to Edinburgh airport. We went directly to Dundee. Our trip was very long, we waited for buses, had to change few times. Finally, we arrived late at night.

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I only wanted to go to Brew Dog for one more pint and quickly go to sleep. My friend was so nice, that we could both stay at her place for one night.

The next day I met with my lab friends from Abertay and went to the bus station. We took a bus to Edi. This time our journey was much much quicker. When we left our luggage we went for some city sightseeing.

First we went on Calton Hill and were admiring the views. On our way we bought a fried Mars bar. But one to share as it is too sweet. 😉

Then we visited National Museum of Scotland. I went there for the 3rd time but every time I discover something new.

After exploring the museum we got hungry. We went to the restaurant for a traditional fish&chips. My sister Zuzia really wanted to try it when being in Great Britain. We also tried Scottish pie and baked potato during our trip.

On our way back we found a Harry Potter shop. I haven’t read a book but we both love watching Harry Potter films. So the shop was amazing for both of us! Unfortunately, everything was soooo expensive.

On the 4th of November, our last day in Scotland, we walked through Inverleith Park and Royal Botanic Garden. There we met an amazing squirrel. 😀 In the city centre we took part in a free walking tour. Our guide was amazing. I am always lucky to meet such an amazing guides during my Free Walking Tours in Edinburgh.

Our goal for that day was Camera Obscura. I heard a lot about it before, so we decided to go there. It was an amazing experience. I think we both liked optics and mirror reflections most. 🙂

Also the view from the top was amazing. And except the Illusion Centre, we went to Camera Obscura as well. I have never seen anything like this!

Unfortunately, our flight was early in the morning on Sunday, the 5th of November. We only said goodbye to our hosts and got straight to the airport. The weekend seems to be too short so we’ll have to go back to Edi soon, I promise! 😉




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