Cycling to St Andrews

Sunday was very sunny. At 10 am it was so warm, that I decided to go for a bike ride. After breakfast I wanted to cross the bridge by bike, as many people suggested me to do so.


Rowerem do St Andrews

Niedziela zapowiadała się pięknie, o 10 rano słońce grzało już pełną parą, robiło się coraz cieplej. Po śniadaniu postanowiłam wybrać się na rower i ulec namowom znajomych, którzy stwierdzili, że koniecznie muszę przejechać przez most i odwiedzić miasteczka po drugiej jego stronie.

Why is May so special for Polish students?

In May days are getting longer, there is more sun (well, at least it should be), exams are not so close yet, you can spend some time outside having a barbecue with your friends and so on... But there is one more thing, for which every student is waiting for the whole year. It is called JUWENALIA.

The Czech Easter

As many other Christian traditions, even Easter is closely connected with previous Pagan traditions. Therefore, the origin of some customs is not clear or is somehow linked to both roots. Nevertheless, nowadays we are thinking about Easter more like it is a Christian tradition and even the name for Easter in Czech language “Velikonoce” comes from velká (English: Great) and the word noc (English: Night). So, the celebration of the great night when Jesus Christ was risen.

Easter in Poland

Easter is in Poland both religious and family festival. All family gathers at the table full of special delicious dishes and celebrates together. It can be either the closest family, or grandpas, all aunts, auncles and cousins. Easter breakfast The most important is Easter breakfast. It can begin with a short pryer, reading from the … Czytaj dalej Easter in Poland

Triduum christian celebrations

The direct preparation for Easter celebration of Jesus Resurrection is called Triduum. It connects three days: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. How does it look like in Scotland and Poland? Maundy Thursday Religion On Maundy Thursday Catholics celebrate Solemn Mass of Lord's Supper. It has to memorise the Last Supper, which Jesus celebrated … Czytaj dalej Triduum christian celebrations